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Stories from August 2011 DownloadIt was Nietzsche who said “God is dead.” Well, evidently someone forgot to tell these people. From Nigeria to a mailbox in Granville, check out these stories of God at work. (shared on Sunday, August 21) 08/21/11

Aeriel Baptism

Aeriel’s Story DownloadThe story of how Aeriel Kozimor met Jesus (Check out 2 minute Podcast at bottom) Aeriel baptized as daughter (Anya) watches on Aeriel’s Mom (Laura) at Stepping Stones workday and sister (Autumn) on Worship Team

Jim & Lori’s Story

I was raised in the church. I went every Sunday morning and evening…and Wednesday night as well. This gave me a great foundation of Christian belief. But over the past few years I have had the chance to be part of and lead a few small groups.  Through this experience, I have experienced a deeper walk in my relationship with God and with…

Bridget’s Story

“It brought tears to my eyes remembering that day.” – Bridget If you’re like me, some days you’re really excited about our opportunity to share Jesus’ love in tangible ways. Other days, the enemy or just plain old life has a way of making you second guess yourself or the mission you’re on. Hopefully, this will rekindle your fire again. This past Spring…

Stories from Feb. 2011 DownloadMC Leaders & trainees share some of the ways they are seeing God at work.