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Jim & Lori’s Story

Jim & Lori
I was raised in the church. I went every Sunday morning and evening…and Wednesday night as well.

This gave me a great foundation of Christian belief.

But over the past few years I have had the chance to be part of and lead a few small groups.  Through this experience, I have experienced a deeper walk in my relationship with God and with others.

A small group allows interaction, trust building, praying for each other, accountability, deeper study, and devotional time with God.

On Sunday, we get to hear a sermon and worship through singing. And that is needed.

But to grow deeper, I have found I need small groups because they allow me to share and learn about God in a more intimate way with others.

They have also taken my daily devotions with my wife to another level.

What excites me even more is Missional Communities: Because they add action to my study.

Now we’re doing what Jesus said to do: Going out and making disciples; helping the poor and the widows.

“We don’t only hear the vision. We’re a part of it.”

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