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Church Next Door Sundays Prescott Valley AZ Gospel TeachingWorship Gathering Church Next Door Sundays Prescott Valley AZ

Gatherings are now held on Sundays at Granville Elementary (5250 N. Stover Dr. Prescott Valley) at 10 a.m.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “church”?

The Church is the called out ones: Those used by God to bring transformation to our world.

All week long.

We believe it is also important to gather as a body. To refocus on the God we live for.

To celebrate what He is doing. And to worship Him together in unity.

To remember that believers are saved because of His grace; that our acceptance comes from His love; that we live missionally, not to gain His favor, but out of gratitude because He gave it so freely and a desire to see others experience the same freedom from sin and guilt.

To encourage each other because truly following Jesus is not only the most satisfying life there is, it is also filled with trials and pitfalls.

To share what God is doing in our Missional Communities and help others find their way into one.

What about the children?

Children’s ministries are available for children ages 3 & up currently.

All volunteers are background checked for your peace of mind.

Come meet with us at The Church Next Door Sundays at 10 a.m.